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Abbreviated Dispatch Rules

Total Roll-Call

  • All members on the Out of Work List must be present on the first Monday of the month at 8:00 am. You must sign your name at the roll-call to maintain your position on the list. If you are unavailable, you will be scratched unless you have notified the Local IN WRITING before roll-call.

Regular Shape-Up

  • The top twenty (20) Journeymen and Apprentices are required to be at the hall every day. If you are unavailable for work, you will be scratched.

Dispatch By Phone

  • After exhausting the shape-up list the Local will call, in order, members at home under the thirty-minute / three-call rule

Expedited Dispatch

  • If a contractor calls requesting a Laborer to be filled witihin 24 hours, the Local will dispatch the first available Laborer present in the hall. If no Laborers are availablemin the hall, the Local will call, in order, members at home. If there is no response or the member is unavailable at that moment, no one will be scratched.


  • If a job is less than five (5) days, or requires special skills, this referral will be dispatched as volunteer work

A Contractor May Request a Member by Name if:

  • the member worked for that contractor in the previous five (5) years, in our jurisdiction
  • - or -

  • the member is on the Out of Work List and has worked 300 hours in the previous six (6) months in our jurisdiction

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