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We are very pleased that we are one of the few industries which can boast a plan in which our members can earn a full pension after only 25 years of service, regardless of age. Members can also earn up to a $150 pension credit per year of service. Our goal is to provide benefits to our members so that we can attract and maintain the premier workers in our industry.

There is no securikty in our industry for the non-union worker. If a non-union contractor goes out of business, not only does the worker have to find another job, but he risks losing his pension and benefits. This means starting over with a new employer and pension plan. When a member works for a UNION contractor, he accrues pension credits. Contractors contribute to to a central fund maintained by the Laborer's Southern California Pension Fund. Because of this centralization, vested members are protected against losing their hard-earned pension credits wether they work for one or twenty signatory contractors. Members are left with only one major concern: working.

It is up to the member to give his best, which our contractors have come to expect. Since our industry has no provision for seniority, it is critical that employees provide high quality work in a safe and productive manner. Members can achieve this by utilizing the free training the union offers. There are other pension plans that meet the needs of various conditions for our members and contractors. For more information, members may contact Local 507 at (562) 421-9346.

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